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Event Name
Sunday ZF106  JUNIOR  Final  Result
Sunday ZF105  4SS LIGHT  Final  Result
Sunday ZF104  SENIOR  Final  Result
Sunday ZF103  NOVICE  Final  Result
Sunday ZF101  KZ2  Final  Result
Sunday H306  JUNIOR  Heat 3  Result
Sunday H305  4SS LIGHT  Heat 3  Result
Sunday H304  SENIOR  Heat 3  Result
Sunday H303  NOVICE  Heat 3  Result
Sunday H302  4SS HEAVY  Heat 3  Result
Sunday H301  KZ2  Heat 3  Result
Sunday H204  SENIOR  Heat 2  Result
Sunday H203  NOVICE  Heat 2  Result
Sunday H202  4SS HEAVY  Heat 2  Result
Sunday H201  KZ2  Heat 2  Result
Sunday H106  JUNIOR  Heat 1  Result
Sunday H105  4SS LIGHT  Heat 1  Result
Sunday H104  SENIOR  Heat 1  Result
Sunday H103  NOVICE  Heat 1  Result
Sunday H102  4SS HEAVY  Heat 1  Result
Sunday H101  KZ2  Heat 1  Result - F/Lap
Sunday AQ106    Qualifying  F/Lap
Sunday AQ105  4SS LIGHT  Qualifying  F/Lap
Sunday AQ104  SENIOR  Qualifying  F/Lap
Sunday AQ103  NOVICE  Qualifying  F/Lap
Sunday AQ102  4SS HEAVY  Qualifying  F/Lap
Sunday AQ101  KZ2  Qualifying  F/Lap

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