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Event Name
Saturday R411  TAGR Lgt  Heat 4  Result - L/Time
Saturday R410  TAG125 Hvy  Heat 4  Result - L/Time
Saturday R409  Snr Perf Lgt  Heat 4  Result - L/Time
Saturday R402  Snr Perf Hvy  Heat 4  Result - L/Time - Grid
Saturday R407  TAG125 Lgt  Heat 4  Result - L/Time
Saturday R406  Senior Hvy  Heat 4  Result - L/Time - Grid
Saturday R405  TAGR Hvy  Heat 4  Result - L/Time
Saturday R404  4SS Snr Lgt / TAGR SH  Heat 4  Result - L/Time
Saturday R311  TAGR Lgt  Heat 3  Result - L/Time
Saturday R310  TAG125 Hvy  Heat 3  Result - L/Time
Saturday R309  Snr Perf Lgt  Heat 3  Result - L/Time
Saturday R307  TAG125 Lgt  Heat 3  Result - L/Time
Saturday R306  Senior Hvy  Heat 3  Result - L/Time
Saturday R305  TAGR Hvy  Heat 3  Result - L/Time
Saturday R304  4SS Snr Lgt / TAGR SH  Heat 3  Result - L/Time
Saturday R302  Snr Perf Hvy  Heat 3  Result - L/Time
Saturday R301  Vintage B  Heat 3  L/Time
Saturday R211  TAGR Lgt  Heat 2  Result
Saturday R210  TAG125 Hvy  Heat 2  Result
R508  4SS Snr Hvy  Pre Final  Grid
Saturday R207  TAG125 Lgt  Heat 2  Result
Saturday R206  Senior Hvy  Heat 2  Result
Saturday R205  TAGR Hvy  Heat 2  Result
Saturday R204  4SS Snr Lgt  Heat 2  Result
Saturday R202  Snr Perf Hvy  Heat 2  Result
Saturday R111  TAGR Lgt  Heat 1  Result

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