Novice P
Novice P
Date: 21/07/19 Started at: 13:35:14
Event: ZF112 Laps: 15
Weather: 16 degrees and breezy Starters: 9
Track: P plate domination! Printed at: 20:16
NoLap TimeGap NoLap TimeGap NoLap TimeGap NoLap TimeGap 
 8P38.8503.552 72P39.79125.399 8P41.6738.168 
Lap 1 14P49.3311 lap 42P39.79426.098 95P39.06216.031 
17P21.074 59P41.41414.829  59P41.42736.347 
95P21.984.910 88P40.27915.051 Lap 8  
8P22.6031.529 42P39.82415.719 17P37.604 Lap 12 
59P25.7014.627 72P39.80916.828 8P37.3635.241 17P38.092 
42P27.6286.554  14P49.3822 laps 14P52.4143 laps 
72P29.1018.027 Lap 5 95P38.58910.753 72P40.2251 lap 
88P29.3998.325 17P37.616 81P47.0141 lap 8P40.52410.600 
81P35.79214.718 81P46.3371 lap 59P40.23226.755 81P45.0162 laps 
14P44.25623.182 8P38.8934.829 88P40.30427.109 88P45.1261 lap 
 95P41.5377.092 72P39.63427.429 95P40.20018.139 
Lap 2 59P41.09518.308 42P41.52330.017  
17P37.603 88P41.22818.663  Lap 13 
95P38.4551.762 14P48.8581 lap Lap 9 17P38.325 
8P38.2992.225 42P41.00919.112 17P37.475 59P41.5411 lap 
59P41.1988.222 72P40.17019.382 8P38.2456.011 8P38.41110.686 
42P40.5869.537  95P40.50413.782 72P41.0051 lap 
88P40.18710.909 Lap 6 14P50.6042 laps 88P42.3371 lap 
72P41.85212.276 17P37.322 59P41.61630.896 14P49.6933 laps 
81P45.72722.842 8P38.0905.597 81P49.4281 lap 95P40.63020.444 
14P48.39433.973 95P38.9878.757  81P45.5492 laps 
 81P45.3211 lap Lap 10  
Lap 3 59P41.03922.025 17P38.472 Lap 14 
17P37.728 88P40.95822.299 72P52.7791 lap 17P37.646 
95P38.4442.478 72P41.10923.169 88P53.5871 lap 59P40.5211 lap 
8P38.2722.769 42P42.07523.865 8P37.5495.088 8P37.69910.739 
59P40.98811.482 14P49.7651 lap 95P40.25215.562 72P42.7801 lap 
88P39.65812.839  14P52.1862 laps 88P39.8081 lap 
42P42.15313.962 Lap 7 59P41.08933.513 95P39.71422.512 
72P40.53815.086 17P37.561  81P45.2682 laps 
81P45.44430.558 8P37.4465.482 Lap 11 
 95P38.5729.768 17P38.593 
Lap 4 81P45.0081 lap 72P41.8231 lap 
17P38.067 59P39.66324.127 81P46.8142 laps 
95P38.7603.171 88P39.67124.409 88P41.8541 lap 

Some errors in timing have occured.
Final only counts.
Manual lap scoring was used to ensure points for final grid is correct.
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